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Since 1971, Catholic Charities’ Crozier House has provided a structured and effective residential substance abuse treatment program for males, aged 18 years and older. Our program is designed for men who are ready to commit themselves to a daily program of sobriety, to accept the discipline of a structured community, and to cooperate with other residents and staff while preparing themselves towards sober housing or independent living.

Crozier House is an initial voluntary 3–to-6-month Residential Recovery Service (RRS) licensed under the Bureau of Substance Addiction Services (BSAS) in Massachusetts along with all RRS Levels of Care for such programs like Crozier House. We have forged partnerships with other various agencies and insurance companies as a way to individualize our residents’ treatment, along with gaining financial assistance from Federal subsidies for substance use disorders.

All referrals are provided through numerous other community substance use programs, acute detoxification units, transitional support services, and clinical stabilization units along with a close partnership with correctional facilities and other legal avenues.

Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week
Office hours: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday
Contact: 508-860-2216  

Application Steps:

To be completed by the case manager:

Complete the Case Manager Admissions Form

To be completed by the individual:

Read the Crozier House Resident Manual

Complete the Crozier House Referral Form

Read and sign the Crozier Overview Form

Email completed applications to:

For referrals or inquiries about referrals, email crozier_referrals@ccworc.org or click the submit button below.

To comply with HIPAA and CRF 42 Part 2 requirements, all referrals MUST be accompanied by a signed consent form or the application will not be considered.

Please do not call for wait list status inquiries. We will reach out to you during the application process.

Our recovery programs do not refuse admission to any qualified applicants because of age (18+), race, creed, sexual preferences, disability, or inability to pay.
To be eligible for admission, potential candidates must meet the minimum standard requirements.