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“These men are the heart and soul of Crozier House.” David Mulrooney should know, reflecting at the time of his retirement on his staff’s journey during his thirty-five years as Crozier’s counselor and then as its Administrator.

Each of David’s staff members initially came to Crozier addicted to drugs or alcohol, having self-doubt, experiencing despair and feeling desperate. Today, they celebrate over 100 years of sobriety amongst themselves. Some- where along that journey each person discovered a seed of hope that was planted by David and others who have gone before him.

As David states, “They are living proof that a seed of hope can blossom to make life truly what it is meant to be.” They in turn are planting new seeds of hope by assisting other young and older men today in the struggle to conquer their addiction. They know personally and David has witnessed that “every man who enters Crozier has this same opportunity to flourish in time to make hope a reality in his life.”