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Years ago during Holy Week, forty-year-old Ronnie Lambert insisted that he sing with his Mercy Choir friends. He was weak, frail and knew he was dying. It was his last performance. On Easter Sunday, Ronnie was called to his new life. At his wake, Ronnie’s choir friends, consoling each other, surrounded his casket and sang to celebrate his valiant life.

Mercy’s choir director has said, “Within each person is an innate desire and call to worship God. Simply put, we are wired that way. Choir members, comprised of all ages with special needs, sing together in a way that is natural and effortless. When the choir members sing at weekly practice or Mass, they become one voice. That joyful voice has the power to soften the most hardened heart and offers a potent reminder of the inherent beauty and dignity of each and every person.”

Today, Mercy Centre’s Adult Choir members still sing with passion and joy.