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Nora’s biggest hope was a safe place to call home.

A teddy bear provided comfort when Nora found herself at Catholic Charities Family Shelter. Her family was homeless.

It took nine months before Nora’s family was able to move to an apartment that her mom could afford. Nora and her brother, Angel, spent time at Catholic Charities Family Shelter adjusting to yet another school in a new community, separating from old playmates miles away, trying to find new friends in the midst of the school year, working hard to catch up on missed schoolwork, and coping with the reality of living with 14 other families in our family shelter which everyone uncomfortably tried to call home. Ask any of the 97 children and their 78 parents living at Catholic Charities Family Shelter this past year and you’ll find that Nora’s story is not unique.

But as the long anticipated moving day approached, there was a bounce in Nora’s step as she came out of Youville House into the early autumn sun. With a chocolate chip cookie in her hand, she was busy going about the work of an average 11 year old girl.

Nora’s move is planned, not rocky. A move back to a familiar community. A move to a safe home which mom can afford. A move to a room of her own which she will share with her teddy bear, the tangible bond between the uncertainty of the past and her restored hope for her future.

Nora’s mom calls Catholic Charities Family Shelter every so often to express her thanks for helping to restore her children’s hope.