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Mission Statement:

It is the mission of Mercy Centre Adult Services to provide quality enhancement through meaningful work or volunteerism.

Mercy Centre has been providing services to adults with developmental disabilities for over 40 years. We now operate programs that focus on employment and site based employment. The Employment Supports Program is for people seeking to find meaningful employment in the community. An alternative program to the Employment Supports Program or the Site Based Employment Program is the Community Based Day Services Program. This program is designed for adults who, for medical, social or cognitive reasons have chosen to deemphasize the role of work in their lives. These services are provided to residents in the Worcester County extended area. The State Department of Mental Retardation (DMR) is the primary funding agency.

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Our Programs

Employment Support Program:

Mercy Centre Employment Support Program provides opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities to maintain successful competitive job placement.

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Community Based Day Supports:

The CBDS Program provides opportunities for personal growth which enhances the Participant’s self-esteem, independence, encourages interactions with peers and community members, offers opportunities to develop increased competence in group situations as both members and leaders and provides individual opportunities to solve problems actively.

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Day Habilitation Program

The Mercy Centre Day Habilitation program provides adults with developmental disabilities with a variety of activities that stimulate senses, teach functional skills, provide meaningful recreation, and further develop physical abilities.

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