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Katie was sad and anxious saying goodbye to teachers and classmates at her graduation from Perkins School for the Blind in 2000.   Age 22 at the time,  she faced the daunting journey of many new unknowns when she enrolled as a participant in Mercy Centre’s Adult Services Program. To her surprise, the Mercy Centre staff welcomed, nurtured and encouraged her to blossom. New seeds of hope were planted in Katie as she ventured more confidently into the adult stage of her life.

When Mercy Centre’s Job Coach learned of Katie’s delight in fragrant flowers of different textures and her interest in developing work skills, the Coach found a job placement at a local florist where Katie was given the opportunity to gain more independence. Today, in her mid-thirties, Katie is proud to say that she has been a part-time employee of Danielson Flowers for over five years.

Katie continues to blossom at Mercy Centre especially as a choir member and when she plays piano during her nursing home visits for their elderly residents’ enjoyment.

Just like Katie, other young and older adults challenged with developmental and intellectual disabilities continue to be nurtured and encouraged by Mercy Centre staff so they also can thrive.