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On the day he was born, Jessica’s son Sebastian, had a stroke. Now, at 14 months old and despite the pain he’s been through, Sebastian always has a smile on his face. At age 32, Jessica stays home with Sebastian to take care of him and do his therapy. Together, the two enjoy reading and listening to music. Although Jessica loves nothing more than spending time with her son, staying home to give him the care he needs causes money to be spread thin.

Before receiving help from Catholic Charities, Jessica was struggling. Her food stamps were less than they once were and diapers were a big expense. She found herself wanting a support system and found it at Catholic Charities. With the help of services provided, she’s able to continue staying home to take care of Sebastian. Catholic Charities has also made Jessica feel like her and Sebastian are part of the community.

“Sebastian’s dad works hard to take care of us, but it was good for me to come here and be welcomed with open arms. I know that when things are struggling, I can always come here to find help. Catholic Charities took a weight off my shoulders.”


Since the first day she visited Catholic Charities, Jessica says, “it has been a blessing.” She’s always happy to visit a place where the staff is excited to see her son and remain considerate of how he’s doing. On her monthly visits, Jessica receives services such as the diaper program, Toys for Tots, clothing, food pantry, and other assistance as needed.