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In June of 2015, Adam turned twenty-two years old and transitioned from the Worcester Public Schools to Mercy Centre. Three years before he was born, Adam’s family arrived from Poland to the United States. Adam is bilingual in Polish and English, but prefers speaking English.

Adam is successful in so many aspects of his life and has grown to become a pivotal part of Mercy Centre.  He is energetic, outgoing, and a kind soul with a warm heart. Adam’s always telling jokes and loves to bring a smile to everyone’s faces.  As a part of the Mercy Centre Group Supported Program, he’s a dedicated worker in the community. On his team at Fastenal in Shrewsbury, MA he works with nine other peers constructing fastener kits for Columbia Tech and Amazon.  Not only is he a great worker, but he gets along with everyone and will do any job asked of him. His perseverance is amazing and it is obvious that he loves his job. Adam’s proud of the money he earns working and as a true sports enthusiast his goal is to earn enough money someday to go to a ‘real’ NBA game and see the Celtics.

When Adam is not at Mercy Centre he likes to work on his dance moves by watching videos on YouTube and creating some moves of his own. He has been involved in the Worcester State College Theater Collaborative Dance and enjoyed many tap dancing classes. Adam has his eyes set on becoming a disc jockey or dancing at the Worcester Braveheart’s games.

Over the years, it is has been remarkable to see Adam grow into a talented young man with so many accomplishments.  He brings positive energy to the work environment, strives to do his best as an athlete, and demonstrates his creativity and passion through dance.