Women’s Recovery Program Set to Open in Leominster, MA

At Catholic Charities we have seen first-hand the tragedies that have resulted from the opioid epidemic in the Central Massachusetts area. In direct response to this need, Catholic Charities Worcester County is opening a women’s recovery program in Leominster, MA.  Currently, in North Central Massachusetts there are no long term residential rehabilitative programs for women.  “It is part of our mission to help those in need, and the crisis of opioid abuse is a real need. There is a real unified effort [from the community] compelling Catholic Charities to get involved in this.” Stated Tim McMahon, executive director.

For the past 67 years, Catholic Charities has remained steadfast in our mission to help the most vulnerable members of our community. We have long recognized that substance addiction is a chronic disease that has to be managed over a person’s lifetime.  To this end, we have provided comprehensive long term programs such as Crozier House, a successful men’s residential recovery program, which we have operated since 1971.

Throughout the planning process, we have received positive feedback from community members, and have formalized partnerships with agencies, hospitals, and clinics who are all in agreement with the extreme need for a program of this nature.  We have received funding through the Department of Public Health, Bureau of Substance Addiction Services to provide residential rehabilitation services for women in Leominster, MA.

“We’re in it for the long haul, this is a long-term commitment, because this is a long term issue. People don’t simply recover, walk away, and regain their lives. It takes a lot of effort and commitment and that’s what all of our programs are about.  We do not only try to help someone in their need, we try to help them in their life,” said Maddy Hennessy, Grant Writer. With the success of our men’s recovery program, Crozier House, we are excited for the opportunity to help the female population along their path to recovery.

The following is a summary of our proposed women’s recovery program:

Our women’s recovery program will provide long term residential rehabilitation services for adult females who present with a substance use disorder and co-occurring enhanced disorder(s). Currently, there are no residential programs in place that address this combined level of care for any male, female or adolescent population.

The express purpose of Catholic Charities Leominster Women’s Recovery Program is to provide a clinical based substance-free environment for those women seeking to remain abstinent from illicit substances.  The overriding goal of the program is to assist our clients to achieve sobriety and stability, lead a life free of addiction, and thrive in their families, workplaces, and communities.

The main outcome measure for this project is to reduce opioid overdose related deaths amongst adult females within both the Central Massachusetts region, and throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Residential Rehabilitation Services will include addressing co-occurring disorders that put individuals at risk of using other mind-altering substances as a form of “self-medication.”  This program will stabilize client(s) by providing them with the proper Residential Recovery Home model of care, provide on-site psychiatry and registered nursing for observation of medication and mood disorders, and will work in collaboration with other local agencies to provide wrap around services for ongoing care.

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